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For each IPA symbol, an English example is given where possible; here "RP" stands for Received Pronunciation.

Click on "listen" to hear the sound; click on the symbol itself for a dedicated article with a more complete description and examples from multiple languages.

This system is formulated with ultra fine powder and pigments that allows for self-leveling, creamy application of the product.

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While online dating sites work hard to eliminate scammers from their sites, unfortunately some continue to be very deceptive and get past the fraud checks so it is important to be aware of what a potential scammer might attempt to do.

If you see her photo on a dating site – [...] Christian Scammers, Facebook Scammers, Female, Ghana Scams, Indonesia Scams, Love Scammers, Match Scammers, Nigeria Scams, Porn Star Scams, Scammer Gallery / Fraudster Album, West Africa Scams Internet fraud and the modern day Sakawa The untold Ghana story Internet fraud or "419" is the act of defrauding unknown persons over the internet.

A romance scam is a confidence trick involving feigned romantic intentions towards a victim, gaining their affection, and then using that goodwill to commit fraud.

BO – the Born Organized, (which you probably aren’t if you need the book) and DH, DD, DS – for Dear Husband, Dear Daughter and Dear Son.

They’re called Purple Puddles, because the Fly Lady loves purple.

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