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French administration largely sought to replace the political power of Tuareg society by undermining what they saw as a rigid hierarchy and caste system.The French saw Tuareg society divided into groups of nobles, vassals, and slaves and decided to largely support the vassals in order to undermine the power of the nobles.The case came to the French administrator in the area who ruled that the slaves would be given independent status from their master and that they would receive more than half of the herd.Since independence in 1960, slavery continues to persist in Mali.In recent years there has been a movement trying to fight the continued practice of slavery and discrimination against ex-slaves.

One prominent example in 1955 in the town of Norben in the Gourma-Rharous Cercle.There were reports that in the Tuareg Rebellion of 2012, ex-slaves were recaptured by their former masters.Slavery in Mali existed across different ethnic groups of Pre-Imperial Mali before the Muslim conquest.With the chaos at the fall of the Mali Empire, slave raiding and the slave trade increased significantly throughout the region.Slavery was not practiced in a uniform way and a variety of forms of servitude existed with distinctions often made between different types of slaves: for example between people bought or captured and those born into a household and also a distinction between those who tended herds and those who dealt with household tasks.

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