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The code injected can be any malicious client-side code, such as Java Script, VBScript, HTML, CSS, Flash, and others.The code is used to save harmful data on the server or perform a malicious action within the user’s browser.Reading this article, you’ll find out more about cross-site scripting attacks and how to prevent them in your code.This example, despite its being malicious in nature, does not seem to do much harm.Then the script sanitizes the comment by removing any HTML tags it may contain.

If this results in invalid data, then simply discard it and let the user know about it.If you wanted to be more permissive, you could allow a limited set of special characters such as plus, parenthesis, and dashes which are often used in formatting phone numbers specific to your intended locale.Data sanitization focuses on manipulating the data to make sure it is safe by removing any unwanted bits from the data and normalizing it to the correct form.Here’s an example of a portion of a simple search result script: This type of attack happens when the malicious code has already slipped through the validation process and it is stored in a data store.This could be a comment, log file, notification message, or any other section on the website which required user input at one time.

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