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Oftentimes the family will retain a lawyer to oversee the process of liquidation and to keep the system straight on legalities of stocks and bonds being traded, investments liquidated and any real property changing hands legally.

Estate liquidations happen mostly like estate sales, with the liquidators making the home and items to be sold ready for a public sale.

Q: Often people will ask, “What does numbers at a.m. ” A: Many times there is a great response to our sales.

By this we mean there can be 20, 40 and in some cases as many as 350 people waiting to go into the sale on the first day.

Q: I am a collector and always interested in certain merchandise. A: Unfortunately if we tried to keep a call list, we would not have time to do anything else.

However, our email notifications are an excellent way to find out if we have specific merchandise.

We provide services for all major credit cards, check-guarantees, and the collecting and paying of all city sales tax. Unlike other companies, The Estate Liquidation Company is a true liquidation company. We can help with real estate, household contents, autos, boats, RV's - all types of merchandise; a little of anything or lots of everything.

Every sale is different and we present each as if it were our own.

In addition, we advertise the sale on craigslist as well as our website.the first day of the sale to those waiting in line.We bring people in as quickly as possible so that everyone can have the opportunity to shop.This varies depending on how crowded or congested the sales might be.Q: I was at a sale and there was a sign-up sheet on the door prior to for numbers. A: Dealers as well as regular folks normally start a sign-up sheet prior to the time we give out control numbers.

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