Wow armory not updating gear

Disabling the warnings completely doesn't fix the problem either, as this also removes the mail expiry from the summary.

What I want is to disable the chat messages, and (if possible) remove the red "!

The armory is a great tool to inspect your own characters, track your account achievements, or research information about other people that you may be playing with.

Sometimes, not for everyone and not every time, the API returns no data (blame Blizzard) and Armory just checks for that case and warns you because otherwise you think Armory has been updated and it hasn't.

You can disable the trade skill filters in the options panel and Armory will update when the professions are opened but you'll loose some functionality.

Warmexx cannot tell you enough how important this addon is, thank you so much for the work you put into this, it is without a doubt my only MUST HAVE addon.

Loading the Armory Using the Armory to View a Character’s Gear, Talents, and Glyphs Using the Armory to View Achievements, Pets, and Mounts Using the Armory to Trade at the Auction House Accessing the Mobile Armory on Your Mobile Device Community Q&A You can access the armory in World of Warcraft the same way as you would access any other web page: through your web browser.

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