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Redemption When an Investor makes a request to redeem shares in accordance with the agreed contractual procedures in the company’s constitution – typically in the Articles of Association – the company must follow its contractual obligations and redeem the shares in the agreed timescale (assuming the shares are capable of redemption).Once the date on which it is contractually stated that the shares are redeemed has passed (‘Redemption Date’) then they no longer belong to the Investor who ceases to be a shareholder.These include risks and uncertainties relating to, among other things: the ability to consummate the Plan; the ultimate receipt of proceeds and the application and distribution of proceeds, which are subject to a number of contingencies and uncertainties; and no assurance can be made that distributions will not be made if claims by creditors are less than currently anticipated or proceeds ultimately received by the partnership are greater than currently expected.You are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date of this press release.Payment Once the shares have been redeemed the Investor is entitled to be paid by the company the value of the redeemed shares.

Also as of the Effective Date, all of the Partnership's direct and indirect subsidiaries have been merged with and into the Partnership with the Partnership being the sole survivor of the merger.Going forward, Azure will post press releases, if any, on the kccllc site as it plans to discontinue its use of the in the near future.We urge you to continue monitoring the kccllc website for important information and future press releases, if any, going forward.After such claims have been paid in full, any remaining cash will be used to first satisfy the remainder of allowed Secured Claims.If any cash remains in the Debtors' estates after satisfying the prepetition Secured Claims and all other allowed claims, and after liquidating the all remaining assets of the Debtors' estates, the Plan provides that Azure Custodian shall receive all such remaining cash, which will be distributed on a pro rata share to the common unitholders.

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