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They want to be sexy and take care of their appearance.

They love sexy dresses, high heels, long hair and long nails.

Now I collected my insights in this post: Swoop’s Guide on Dating Brazilian Girls.

Follow these tips and I promise you, it will bring you more success with Brazilian girls.

When I’d see a girl by herself or when I got an IOI’s (indicator of interest), I would stop, reverse and talk to her.

Keep the interactions short, exchange numbers and set up a date ASAP.

Moreover, Brazilian girls also know how to move their sexy bodies, both on the dance floor as in the bedroom.

For these reasons Brazilians girls are my favourite girls in the world!

They don’t all have game but they have zero approach anxiety.If you’re staying in Rio, the beach is ideal for day game.It gets crowded every sunny day and you will see plenty of hot girls in bikini.I did not do well with cold approaches but when Brazilian girls have some interest in you, they will let you know (eye contact, a smile,…). Approach and start a conversation, she wants you to do it!You can meet girls literally anywhere but here are some locations where it’s easiest to find attractive Brazilian girls.

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