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Because small “chakras” or vortexes of swirling energy may form over areas of pain and wounds, using “chakra” clearing techniques can keep this energy moving and can be help to relieve pain.

Simply rotate the left hand in a slow, counterclockwise, circular motion over the part of the body that hurts. Do this for a few minutes, but not more than five minutes.

Then move either hand (whichever feels better) in a clockwise motion to balance the energy you have just cleared.

Combing consists of drawing the energy field projected off of your fingers through an area of pain and off of the body.

You can do it for yourself, but it is nicer to have a partner do it for you (5-30 minutes).

Pain can also be relieved by using chakra clearing techniques.

Pain in the abdomen or legs would be combed through the legs and off the feet.The sequence is as follows: The spindle cell mechanism reestablishes neurological equilibrium in a disturbed area.Carpal tunnel syndrome, stiff joints, sore arms, and other related problems often respond to tiny pinches because the spindle cell at the belly of each muscle will reset. You can extend the projection of your energy field by starting the combing motion from your hips and moving it through your shoulders and then your arms, rather than just swinging your arms.This technique is taught by Lisa O’Shea at the Qi Gong Institute of Rochester.

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