Who was the married man fantasia is dating

This post is speaking to women and warning them that dating a married man will have the women looking crazy, even though the man is the one whose married.

Remind her Lord that her latter will be greater and this too shall pass. If you enjoyed this blog post, I encourage you to subscribe to receive emails regarding future post.

"To those who texted, called, or prayed during this week and up until today... I NEVER THOUGHT THIS WOULD HAPPEN FOR ME," she shared. Fast-forward to this weekend and the Grammy winner felt extremely blessed to be given such a special day."Grandma…This is the day you waited and prayed for just for me," she wrote on Instagram.

Know that we love you and we know that if we had more capacity you would have been there, but you were still there in spirit... "I know you're up in heaven right now telling everyone you know and the ones you've met in heaven that your Grand Baby is having a Wedding."She added, "Today with God and Addie Collins it's going to be a Blessed Day..

Paula Cook, wife of Antwaun Cook filed these documents along with claiming there is a sex tape for evidence of this infidelity, according to Radar Online. Was messing around with a married man and father of two worth the drama and bad press?

Fantasia and Antwaun were in Barbados in November and they were captured in photos holding hands and embracing, while Antwaun was, and still is a married man. She was under such stress that she attempted to take her own life and leave her daughter behind? Now she is listed in the divorce papers and may be sued by the wife.

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