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“I was looking at one of the moving platforms, and I thought ‘Yeah, I can do that, I’m an athlete,’” Barber tells .

We're going pretty big, but Chad doesn't even know everything.

Atiim Kiambu Hakeem-Ah "Tiki" Barber (pronounced /ˈtiːki/) (born April 7, 1975) is an American football running back.

The Sylvester Stallone-produced series is back for Season 2 after debuting in 2016.

I loved the idea of countries facing off and battling on this ‘Beast’ that was out in the desert. So you're standing on this wall and you're trying to be safe and navigate your way around, but they're falling off. You're dead in the water—and then you actually do fall into the water [laughs]. That thing I think is going six or seven miles an hour.

It looked like a lot of fun in Season 1, and it was exciting to be there for this season and see the camaraderie of the cast. [The Mag Wall was the second-hardest Season 1 obstacle, according to an insightful analysis posted on Free Code Camp.] Another tough one is getting the timing right on the midsection part of the ‘Beast,’ which basically is a treadmill that's in a tube that you have to crawl up to the top of. Jumping on a treadmill is hard enough, and then you regain your balance and you have to make a running jump onto the next one.

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