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HOLLAND: There are things that have been interesting to us that are a little bit in the first episode and more in the second episode of just in the world of science, what’s actually happening now, which is physics hasn’t quite made the breakthroughs that they were hoping it would make, and that’s going to impact the characters and how they see their futures.Meanwhile neuroscience has been a hot field, it’s getting a lot of funding.“As we were breaking that episode, we talked about if there was a possibility where he tells her about the kiss and that makes her hold off on saying yes,” Holland tells .But what ultimately swayed him and his writing staff, though, was the fact that Amy is “so in love with Sheldon” and “this is the thing that she has wanted for so long,” he says.It was a no-brainer that the 11th season premiere of “The Big Bang Theory” had to open seconds after Sheldon (Jim Parsons) got down on one knee to propose to Amy (Mayim Bialik).But what wasn’t initially as clear, says executive producer Steve Holland, was whether she would immediately say yes.

There was a little bit of a delay, a pause, when Leonard calls and Sheldon takes the call but ultimately we give the audience an answer pretty quickly.

So Holland felt like delaying the inevitable “yes” would feel forced for the character — and cruel to the audience.

While Amy answered positively within the cold open of the episode, though, there was still a minor delay, as Sheldon felt he had to get permission from someone very special first: Stephen Hawking.

He also addresses potential crossovers with prequel series HOLLAND: We definitely did.

Our instinct was always that she would say yes but when we were talking about the premiere episode when we got back (from hiatus) we threw open the doors and said, let’s just talk about all the possibilities of what could happen.

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