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But people are really actually surprised to find out that I'm like a really big classic rock fan. And when I was little, my mom had to inform me that John Lennon was dead. I thought they were like a current group when I was in fourth grade.My mom was like, "Honey, I just want you to know, there's ...Paxton has described it as "very different" from her previous roles, and has specified that she was looking for a role that would be a "challenge".

She provided backing vocals on her co-star Drake Bell's theme song for the movie Superhero! Paxton starred in the remake of The Last House on the Left, playing the lead female character, Mari. Her next film may be Gravy, a horror-comedy with Jena Malone and Winona Ryder. She then played Mirabella on the ABC Family movie Lovestruck: The Musical in 2013.

In April 2016, it was announced that Paxton had joined the cast of David Lynch's 2017 Twin Peaks revival.

Sara Paxton is an American actress, model, and singer.

I was never really in the house,” the hunky actor, 27, told the outlet during an American Express Pride event with The Infatuation blog in New York City on Tuesday, June 21. and it’s one thing to come out of the closet in a public statement.

“But I’ve always done me and never been shy …” he added, “and have been vocal about it.” Tortorella, who is currently dating a woman, said that despite his past romances with females, he has embraced his attraction for both sexes. “We’re all kind of moving into this one situation.” The TV Land star’s remarks come after a number of other celebrities — including Miley Cyrus, Lily-Rose Depp and Nyle Di Marco, among others — have declared their sexual fluidity.

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