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However as early as 1915 he appears in a newspaper advertisement with one of his signature chirpy poems, so from then on the boy soldier with a big appetite for porridge became the mascot, and was plastered on various merchandise from board games to bowls – of which there is a series of him participating in different types of sports – now highly collectable and the rarer ones going for quite high prices amongst collectors: “Breakfast tables throughout the nation were presided over by Sergeant Dan, the Creamoata Man.

Quickly progressing to working in the company’s Kakanui Mill (another source says it was Maheno Valley flourmill, now a well-known heritage building standing as Clark’s Mill ), he had the foresight of great opportunity and had subsequently roped his brother in before the year was out to learn the milling trade with plans for great future success.I have only seen one before in the last five years that I can recall – it was whole but faded.Any of the original boxes usually sell for a competitive price since the chances anyone would keep one for decades is highly unlikely – and means they are rare and desirable examples of early New Zealand packaging.In 1902 Fleming bought out Gilkinson who went on to establish In 1912 Fleming retired and sold his shares in the firm to his sons Andrew, William (and possibly another son Herbert) Fleming as well as partner and relative Rennie.Because the brand was by now a household name subsequent owners over time wisely kept the Mill that gained iconic status with its mascot emblazoned on the side for all to see.

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