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What we have is a gathering of i Phone-coveting, micro-blogging, honest-to-goodness geeks -- roughly 1,300 of them -- and they are all here to see Kevin Rose.

He's the spokesperson for a new generation of entrepreneurs and the envy of pretty much everyone who dreams of making it big in technology.

mmediately after the taping ends, Rose is mobbed by fans waiting to have their pictures taken with him, and it is impossible to get close enough for an interview.

Digg allows its visitors, mostly young men, to submit links to newsworthy items -- blog postings, images, newspaper articles, or online videos -- and write their own headlines and teasers.

The stories, which frequently involve technology, scantily clad women, or Ron Paul, are automatically posted to the site and then put to a vote. Government Helping to Arrange Sale of Lehman Brothers" (587 diggs on a recent afternoon) -- appears alongside what can only be described as trash -- "Dad Chases Nude Boy From Daughter's Room With Pipe" (2,557 diggs).

Rose beams and strikes the kind of pose that only celebrities can pull off -- half a wave, half a shading of the eyes from camera flashes. The show is produced by Revision3, a company that Rose co-founded in 2005, and it was inspired by the wildly popular website Digg.com, another Rose creation.

Digg is sometimes described as an online newspaper or a social search engine, but it feels more like a seedy bar that happens to serve news.

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