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A day later, Chanel said it would not renew its contract with Moss, which was to expire that October, although its decision had nothing to do with the drug scandal. She was on the cover of the November 2005 W and also inside in a multi-page fashion shoot.

She was defended by designer Alexander Mc Queen, who, during his walk-out after a fashion show, wore a T-shirt saying "We love you Kate".

If a player dates Katie in one game and starts a new game and does not date her, they can usually find after being wasted that their weapons are still with them. The following are the possible dating styles when hanging out with her: Katie has a preference for diners, with the nearest diner being the Paradiso Diner Restaurant next to the Gant Bridge information centre, which is conveniently close to her home.Katie seems to prefer areas close to the shoreline, so options include driving around the area below the Gant Bridge and Jizzy's Pleasure Domes (including the latter's parking lot), or the Bayside area across the bridge. She prefers a moderate driving speed; although she will at times encourage Carl to drive faster, doing so makes her Fun meter drop, and on-screen text will inform the player that they are driving too fast. She also appears to be aroused when Carl collides with anything, although this doesn't appear to affect either the Fun meter or Progress statistic.Steer clear of the Queens area during this date as she dislikes it.Due to her health-conscious image, she likes to eat at diners but avoids fast-food outlets.Katie also likes the shoreline and her mood improves when the player drives by the area, especially by the Gant Bridge. She can initially be found at the northeast corner of Avispa Country Club at the south end of the city, practicing tai chi behind some bushes. Katie likes men with sex appeal and muscle, so bulk up before asking her out.

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