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Now go put on some plaid shorts and play golf.' " A beat. The old joke has it that when a nuclear holocaust destroys the world, the only things to endure will be cockroaches and Cher.

Robert Zemeckis and crew shot for five weeks on “Back To the Future” with Stoltz as Marty Mc Fly, only to make the incredibly tough decision to recast the lead role and reshoot the entire movie over again with Fox (who was the director’s first choice, but they couldn’t get him at the time due to the shooting schedule of the sitcom “Family Ties”).I think I learned a lot from my mother," Cher adds."She really didn't take s--- from anybody."Yet the two often butted heads.Late at night, she gets social, holed up in the bedroom of her eye-popping Moorish-castle-meets-Venetian-palazzo high on a bluff in Malibu. "Cher's unabashedly frank attitude endears her to millions of fans.Stretched out on a bed that once belonged to the wife of Rudolph Valentino, Cher turns to Twitter to share what's on her mind. (An example: "How did you celebrate Madonna's birthday? Cher's answer: "I got a colonic.")Late at night, she also chats by phone with reporters. She's as witty as she is physical — and always, always sexy.

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