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Season 10, Episode 88February 2, 2018The "Stool Squad" answers bathroom-related questions; fixes for a chubby face without going under the knife; why a woman's nose has run for seven years; an everyday habit that could lead to a yeast infection; whether sparkling water causes weight gain; and winter driving woes.Season 10, Episode 87February 1, 2018The month partner are most likely to cheat; a felon who asked the police for directions to a drug deal; the 2018 Beauty Forecast; kids targeted by "Digital Dealers" on social media; and the "Bullycide" epidemic that is sweeping the country.Season 10, Episode 93February 9, 2018Whether factory fumes are making men "stiff"; the bill a mother got after a surgeon offered to pierce her daughter's ears; a woman who weighs over 500 pounds and is about to embark on her weight loss journey; and Dr.Travis shares a bonus chapter from his book "The Lose Your Belly Diet" with new recipes and money saving tips.Season 10, Episode 92February 8, 2018Germs lurking at the gym and how to keep from getting sick while exercising; why some moms claim micro-dosing marijuana edibles has changed their lives; how the psychedelic brew ayahuasca is helping some with eating disorders; if a cream can reduce the appearance of facial redness instantly; and a common baking staple that is putting one's health at risk.Season 10, Episode 91February 7, 2018A man who lost over 300 pounds naturally; an update on the man who claims to have the world's largest endowment; why women are blow-drying down there after sex; why more people are taking rideshare services instead of ambulances to the hospital.Also: a women admits to cheating on her husband who has Alzheimer's; a tourist who threw feces during an airport rampage; Usher's ex-wife Tameka Foster reveals why she almost lost her life; whether Phenibut, known as the "happy drug," is safe; how basketball saved a man's life; and a shocking lip filler video.Season 10, Episode 94February 12, 2018How hospitals are using hypnosis in place of anesthesia in the OR; how the shape of one's manhood could predict the risk of certain types of cancers; lifting the tip of the nose without surgery; a landscaping tool that sends thousands of kids to the ER; how a woman is helping scientists sniff out Parkinson's disease; and a flavor-enhancing cooking hack that costs less than a buck.

Season 10, Episode 85January 30, 2018Chris and Heidi Powell from "Extreme Weight Loss" play "Weight Loss: Myth or Reality." Also: a "smart" condom that logs sexual statistics; a mom-to-be with a backwards uterus; and pet owner questions.

Season 10, Episode 98February 16, 2018An NYC gym that encourages nude workouts; why some vegetarians may be cheating on their diet; celebrity health trends, including brushing one's teeth with charcoal; a smartphone app that perfectly matches makeup; millennial addicts; a beauty trend that will make one's skin crawl; and whether one should workout while sick.

Season 10, Episode 97February 15, 2018The unbelievable recovery of a woman who was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive brain stroke.

We were like 'Well, jeez, we've got it written in here [for 'Friends']; it could come in nicely.' But you know, we'll see.

An American emergency physician and also a famous television personality who is famous for his appearance on a television show named "The Bachelor".

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