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Every 1300 years, a unique demon appears that feeds on the fear of witches.This time he is targeting the Halliwell sisters and they receive aid from their ancestors just as they are close to their own fearful deaths.Little do they know that their new-found powers mean that they are now prey to evil forces.Prue finds her sleep disturbed by strange visions in which a man taunts her.

The girls receive a crash course in motherhood when Phoebe finds an abandoned baby boy.

Good magic battles bad magic as the sisters try to reverse the Leprechauns’ bad luck.

At the risk of being seduced by their vast new powers, the Charmed Ones are transformed into gorgeous Greek Goddesses possessing the ultimate power to defeat a band of angry Greek mythic gods, the Titans.

Phoebe’s fear of a Woogyman who lives in the basement is an ongoing source of amusement for her two sisters.

That is, until a violent earthquake unleashes the long-dormant demon that turns Phoebe against her siblings.

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