Who is abby lee miller dating

Hunky Pedula and the 47-year-old dance coach, Abby recently became engaged.

The “Dance Moms” star confirmed her relationship to Michael Padula on “The Wendy Williams Show” this past June.

Abby does a little booty-shaking happy dance by herself in the studio – it’s cute – and when the Moms see her they all laugh, and so does Abby.

It’s a rare, lighthearted moment, and it suits them.

Upon hearing this, the Moms begin talking about first loves and wonder who Abby’s special guy was, and then they come up with the idea to take Abby speed dating.

The couple who is actually in their way to the altar, might be facing trouble in paradise already!

They do arrive, and it turns out there was heavy traffic.

I'm worried that Abby doesn’t flip out, because it means she’s probably saving it for a future fight. Abby runs Mackenzie’s solo, and when she's done the Moms tell her they want her to come to dinner “right now”, and they have a limo waiting. ”, and it seems like they are all going to have a fun girl's night out together, but then Abby refuses to go if Christi’s going.

The prison menu will consist of fruit, skim milk, bread and jelly for breakfast; a beverage, dessert/fruit, whole wheat bread, carrots, mac & cheese and a choice between chicken or PB&J for lunch.

To end the day, Miller will have a choice of roast beef or BBQ tofu with mashed potatoes and gravy, mixed vegetables, whole wheat bread and a beverage.

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