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Labels are most often found in the outermost clothing piece for female attire.In a three piece suit for Barbie: jacket, blouse, pants or skirt the label will be found in the jacket.1900 – 1936 ILGWU AFL 1936 – 1940 ILGWU CIO 1940 – 1955 ILGWU AFL 1955 – 1995 ILGWU AFL-CIO 1975-1992 RED, WHITE, BLUE ILGWU AFL-CIO 1995 – 2004 UNITE!2004 – UNITE HERE ERA: 1955 to 1963 LOOK FOR: The words “UNION LABEL” above a scalloped crest in front of a needle and thread.Julia had four outfits, Stacey at least one, and PJ about two.The same was true for Francie sized 11 1/4" dolls, her friend Twiggy had four outfits labeled for her and Casey just one.Unfortunately, I lack original photography for ILGWU labels from its inception in 1900 to 1936 (thumbnail available from Anjou Clothing), 1936 to 19 to 1955.I plan on updating this article as soon as I gather these historical materials but for your immediate benefit, I’ll begin exploration of the ILGWU union labels at 1955.

If you see an ILGWU union label without one, you can conclude the garment was made pre-1950s.Below is a brief timeline breaking down the different designs by period so that you can at least compare any of your older garments against this information to verify its age.Further description (without images) available thanks to Ebay’s union label guide by ikwewe.Reproduction outfits we believe are tagged Barbie ® Reproduction © BY MATTEL.However a Gay Parisienne reproduction outfit has the label in the white faux fur stole and it is the Barbie ® © BY MATTEL label.

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