When did sibylle szaggars and robert redford start dating

You need to create your own solitude.”Actor Robert Redford is a Hollywood legend, known for his roles in acclaimed films like 'The Sting' and 'The Way We Were.' He is also an accomplished director, producer and entrepreneur, having started the Sundance Institute in the early '80s..

Redford also helped start the Sundance Film Festival, which has grown into one of the movie industry's most prestigious events and a great boon for indie filmmakers.

Redford's father was a milk man who later worked as an oil company accountant, while his outgoing mother had a passion for literature and films.

Taking after his uncle, Redford excelled at sports during his youth, running track and playing tennis and football while also having a robust romantic life.

There have been so many hits on our family that no one knows about, and I don't want them to, for my family's sake.

He is equally at home behind the scenes as he is in front of the cameras.

In addition to his own career, Redford has helped advance others in his field through the Sundance Institute and its related film festival.

When I had a paper route, I'd finish and just take off.

I'd ride some more and lie in the grass somewhere and stare, and I'd think about being someplace else, living a different life.

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