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Two holes in the bottom shelf allowed me to place shampoo and body wash upside down, draining the last bits of liquid into the cap.

I could squeeze it into my hands without removing the bottle.

When I bopped it three times from the side it didn’t slide or jump off the pipe.By necessity, most of our review was compiled by reading user comments everywhere from to high-end home furnishers (some six hours’ worth), appraising models in-store (for two hours), and then performing extensive testing (six weeks’ worth).We focused on the classic over-the-showerhead design because it’s the most popular and easy to install, so it seemed likely that the wide variety of offerings were also the most refined.(Some people go so far as to recommend drying your caddy or spraying them with a clear coat when you first get one.) And liberal building and plumbing codes allow showers to be all sorts of unpredictable shapes and sizes.A caddy that hangs neatly on a typical showerhead—one with a 0.5-inch-diameter shower pipe and roughly 28 inches between the shower pipe and flow controls—won’t work in a slightly smaller shower with a handheld showerhead attached to a flexible hose. Slender 1-ounce tubes, salon-size 32-ounce bottles, and melting blocks of soap require different kinds of shelving.

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