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This means that the app runs silently in the background without hindering your normal phone usage.Whats App has evolved into a high-privacy app, in that all its messages are encrypted end-to-end.The app works on nearly all smartphone models and is also available for computers, and works on Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G networks.Whats App is a simple and light app that installs without hassles on your smartphone.You can also send location information and maps with the app.

Crazily, the site now has over 500k people on it sharing their love of tech every month! Feel free to head here for some of my most popular posts and to learn more about me, this site and my You Tube channel.Once installed, you are presented with a greeting screen, asking you to continue.Then you enter your mobile phone number, which is the handle through which the service identifies you.Using your Wi-Fi gets you everything free, but if you need real mobility, then you need a data plan. If you have one, then Whats App is really bound to make you save money on texting. Users used to have to pay for the second year onwards, but now this is removed. An interesting feature of Whats App is group chatting, where a group of people can share text messages.The only inconvenient then would be to need to have all your contacts using Whats App. When one person in the group sends a message, everyone else in it receives it.

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