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Close down dev environments, go to Documents folder and rename IISExpress. Net Core Web applications (both kinds) and they both started working again! Please, take into account what IIS Express Web Server you are using in Visual Studio Settings, 32 bit or 64 bit, that means I have to check the file in different folders. I don't know about security issues for those config lines, so change them at your own risk, but it has solved my problem.Now set environment variable _CSRUN_DISABLE_WORKAROUNDS ( ref: ). None of the above answers worked for me but I finally found what my issue was. First run IIS Express from command prompt to validate that the site can or cannot be run https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/iis/extensions/using-iis-express/running-iis-express-from-the-command-line Im my case, i got an error saying that C:\Windows\Microsoft.Darwin I try to shred up Polish dumplings I turn on the foremost of ecclesiastics I turned on taps for patriarch I understand you're going to diet around Xmas I used to own a small house in this state I very much doubt it! I've noted down wine that is lifted I've pals upset with nanny state I've run out of patience stuffing cheese roll I've to interrupt a country playing football with a lot of vigour I, a male I, abroad I, e.g.I, historically I, II, III, etc I, in Berlin I, in Innsbruck I, in old Rome I, O or U, but not A or EI, say, come for vacation, say I, to Claudius I, to historians I, to Wilhelm II-5 through Los Angeles, I-79 terminus I-79's northern terminus I-80 and U.The fix for me was to replace the web.config file with one from my coworkers.you must get the file from someone running the same version ie if you are VS2015 get a copy from someone running VS2015.

Tech Crunch - Frederic Lardinois “Unsurprisingly, the company plans to work with the Xamarin-sponsored Mono community, which already produces a cross-platform open source . “We will announce this and then take the next few months working with the Mono community,” Somasegar told me.In my Solution Explorer in Visual Studio, I right click on the web project, chose properties and then navigated to the "web" tab.From there I changed the Project URL to another port number.If you happened to have a previous version of Xamarin for Visual Studio installed, please keep reading as you may not have gotten the 2015 bits installed by default (it’s something we’re fixing shortly).By default, Windows Installer will just update the components you have previously installed, when applying an update.

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