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We are a proud restaurant family business from Italy.

We have been serving friends and families of Slough, Berkshire, (UK), since 2009.

wizard,i do not need any translator nor do i use any of them.

my command of English is quite good, i learnt English at the age of 5 more or less, and continue learning (that is one of the reasons why i join English speaking websites).

The couple hasn’t revealed any information about their dating history.

“Ciao a Tutti” Welcome to Viva l`Italia, based in Windsor, UK.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.Dedico mis palabras de felicitaciones a todos Españoles cual hacen uso de este sitio. translators do not work properly when it comes to translating English into Spanish and vice comment in Spanish comes clearly from a translator as i am a Spaniard. everyone enjoyed the final I learnd Spanish besides my spoken language sounds like Spanish a lot. ^^^^^^^^ Got to find an argument in everything haven't you!Vuestro equipo era ha jugado un futbol fenomenal en el torneo pasado. I dedicate my words of congratulations to all Spanjards who make use of this site. I dont speak Spanish properly but I don't need any translator I just think logicaly when I translate. Holland and Spain were the teams which impressed me the most. Well done to Spain the best team of the tournment won. One italian club has been bought by Americans, Bologna i think.Glad they did rather than robot Germany & dull Italy I'm proud of your lads Pedro they deserve it. Hopefully a continental team will win the CL this season.wizard,i do not need any translator nor do i use any of them.

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