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It also says the head teacher pleaded to be forgiven for his conduct, but he was instead ordered to report to the office to hand over his responsibility to the circuit supervisor, to enable him assist the police in their investigations.

The Directorate further noted that, the meeting with the head teacher came shortly after the office met the girl in the video, Priscilla Tettey, in the presence of the Assistant Headmaster of Odoben Senior High School, where she is a student.

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You've just tried to select this program as one of your favorites.In the video that has gone viral, the student is seen kneeling on a kitchen stool while Mr Sepey stood behind her engaging in the sexual act.One social media user posing a challenge The use of the kitchen stool has trigged the ‘kitchen stool challenge’ on social media and some of the posts are hilarious.What you’ll find in the March/April 2018 issue of Video Librarian: New documentaries on growing up black in white suburbia, sex trafficking in America, behind-the-scenes at the Oakland Police Department, Japanese teen idols and their middle-aged male fans, the history of the Pulitzer Prizes, and more.Plus, books into movies, anime, music/dance, and 75-plus movie and TV series reviews…

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