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They simply accept input and pass it on to the web server where all the processing must occur.

Java Script can validate input before it is sent to the server.

The benefit Java Script provides to the user is that it provides immediate feedback without a delay while the browser fetches a new page.

create an HTML form, you generally expect the user to fill it out in a particular way.

Since this example uses a different field name for each checkbox, you can test it using Source code: buttons are similar to checkboxes in that you can have several buttons, but the difference is that the viewer can only pick one choice.

As with our last checkbox example, the group of related radio buttons must all have the same name, and different values: Source code: usually best to set the values of radio buttons to something meaningful; this allows you to print out the button name and its value, without having to store another list inside your CGI program. Create a new HTML form called colors4.html: Program 5-1: colors4- Favorite Colors HTML Form Working example: create colors4

Your best bet for patches/support/etc is the google group.

The benefit Java Script provides for the server is that it shifts some work that might otherwise be done on the server to the client, and it reduces the number of server requests.

All of these things require some more advanced processing of the form data, and that will usually involve using control structures in your Perl code.

Control structures include conditional statements, such as if/elsif/else blocks, as well as loops like ) is false.

There are numerous types of restrictions a form may have.

For example, some of the fields may only accept numbers while others may only accept dates, some fields may only accept a certain range of entries, some fields may be required, and some combinations of fields may not permitted.

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