Validating email address format php

In this article, I'll show you how to use the PHP scripting language to aid in the validation of email addresses on not only the level of syntactical correctness, but also of actual existence on the destination domain!These easily implementable procedures will go a very long way towards eliminating future asdf's, blah's, and other invalid entries from your user database.The only way to do so is to ensure that the supplied address conforms to the Internet message format rules as set forth by RFC 2822.Because reading an RFC is about as entertaining as a root canal, I'll offer a very broad summary of the rules here: Because of the innumerable syntactical variations which could arise as a result of these rules, we'll need to devise a regular expression capable of accounting for all possibilities.Furthermore, it's asynchronous nature offers both parties the freedom of participating at a time most convenient to their time schedule.

Calling this function will issue an E_DEPRECATED notice.", and my personal favorite, "blah", whenever possible.

Nonetheless, to be sure there are times when the provision of a valid email address is an absolute necessity, not only for the site operator but also for the user.

As a byproduct, you'll also learn a bit more about regular expressions, and PHP's regular expression and networking functions.

Because validation is a process comprised of two parts: syntax and existence, I'll divide the discussion into these two components.

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