Validating communication

The greatest communication skill is being an effective listener.One of the most charitable demonstrations in marriage is to truly focus on your spouse and listen to him or her—really listen—regardless of what we want to say.Following are some ways that each of us can improve the quality of communication in our relationships. In order for a deep bond to form between a husband and a wife, there needs to be a balance between all three.

As a marriage and family counselor, I often visit with couples to help them repair or strengthen their relationships.Couples bond as they discuss things that matter—not things that don’t.I have seen many couples in my practice who have tried to preserve their relationship by keeping their communication at the superficial level.As you continue to share what is important, you and your spouse will feel mutually appreciated, wanted, valued, and needed.As you learn to validate what your spouse shares—showing that what he or she says is important to you—you will progress to the next level of communication.

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