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As I mentioned in my previous articles, Audit Mode is still my favorite method of configuring a customized Windows build before sysprepping.

If you are unaware, Audit Mode bypasses OOBE and negates the need of creating a new user account, thus assigning a “Registered Owner” name.

Since I haven’t updated my “How To” on creating customized Windows media since Windows 8.1, I think we’re overdue for a follow up. I’ll preface this article by saying that Microsoft has made this effort much simpler since 2014 (when my original write up went live).

It baffles me how, even in 2017, this feature goes unnoticed and ignored even by Microsoft themselves.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work with UWP apps (it never did, to be fair) – however I’ve never found myself needing to customize those applications.

Please note that there are multiple ways to achieve the same end goal.

I have, however, successfully used this method for the last four years without issue – deploying across thousands of computers within the organization I work for (and of course at home as well).

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