Updating voyager software

Important: A software bug has been identified in software version R2P05f.

When drilling with the electronic depth stop, the drill press will not stop on some situations.

Now if you are talking 'updating' it as in making it have a newer OS than the system allows for (not through the "Settings" updates), then you are outside my realm.

We have a new, free software update available for your Kindle Voyage (7th Generation).

Upgrading to the latest version will solve this issue.

The device should be able to do any needed updates to the OS via the "Settings" of the tablet.

Then double-click the Voyager 4.5.7 Updater package icon inside the disk image, and follow the onscreen instructions.

Make sure you install the update in the same folder where you installed the original Voyager 4.5.

Run the appropriate installation file under the folder names “If missing DLL files, install this” You will have to determine the type of operating system that you have on your computer.

• Completely redesigned user interface display with more intuitive menus • Switch between “Set Speed” and “Set Depth” adjustment modes straight from the main screen • “Precision” mode has been introduced, allowing users to set the target depth in finer increments • Fractional display for imperial units have been introduced • “Stop & Reverse for 6 seconds”, A new Digital Depth Stop function has been added • A new F-button shortcut is now available which can be used to set the current depth reading as your target depth • The password function can now be used to lock most settings in the menu but still let user operate the machine • A new Power Spindle Hold mode has been introduced for keyless chuck users • Custom drill press speed limit and output power limit can now be set MINOR BUGS AND FIXES TO ALL PREVIOUS VERSIONS HAVE BEEN MADE.

Specific fixes noted below for previous and current firmware versions: R2P05r (coming soon) – Adding French as a language option R2P05n (US version) – Disabled chuck guard EMS R2P05m (Europe version) – Added anti-tear out mode (may need a better name) version 1.00 – Can enable/disable – Depth options of: SET -1/-2/-5mm or SET -1/16th -1/8th -1/4th – Enabled chuck guard EMS R2P05l – Changed power spindle hold to be adaptive power setting – Minimum pow: increase to 15%, maximum pow: 25% R2P05j – Enabled German as a language option R2P05h – In the F shortcuts, changing units cycle between all 3 options now – Added shortcut description text to bottom for F keys R2P05g – Fixed issue with depth stop not always working – Allows a “reverse to top” option Additional Older Software Versions: R2P05i – May 30th 2017 R2P05h – May 10th 2017 R2P05f – April 7th 2017.

The Mac OS X version of the update is a compressed disk image file.

After you have downloaded the file, double-click its icon to mount the image on your desktop.

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