Updating svn server

See the example svnserve.conf; however, you will most likely need to edit it after reading the upstart documentation and the svnserve man page.

It is not necessary to run the SVN server (svnserve) in order to access SVN repositories on a remote machine using this method.

This is no problem for read only access or using the custom svn protocol but when Apache tries to commit changes to the repository linux will deny it access.

You only need to perform one of the following options. Download the release in either or zip format and uncompress the new program archive in a new directory.

Make sure the newly extracted and copied files and directories have the correct owner and group set, so that the user/group running your application server can actually access the files.

Adding any users after that should be done without the "-c" switch to avoid overwriting the passwd file.

On recent upstart based Ubuntu versions you can place an upstart config file in /etc/init/

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