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The problem is that the domains have extensions .com, .eu, and do not appear in the list of Step 1: Domain Availability for Transfer. Thank you Giorgio Hello Georgio, Thank you for contacting us.

In Motion Hosting can only support .com, .org, .biz, .net,or domains.

When working with App-v Applications, if I have to update the content, once I stage it to the directory that sccm will copy it from, I highlight the package, then go to the Deployment Types tab, then up top I will click on 'Refresh Content' and go through the prompts. In my particular application, this installs from the App Catalog, but apps advertised to the machine should work the same.

If you're migrating your website to In Motion Hosting from another host, one of the last steps you'll take is pointing your domain's nameservers to In Motion Hosting's nameservers.

Now I can´t get access to my domain names registered with company X.

I´ve tried to contact my former domain provider, with no success. Hi, I need to transfer some domains with you so as to have a multi-domain.

However, since the domain is not pointed to the server (rather Cloud Flare), then the domain is no longer eligible/configured for Domain Control Validation to completed successfully.

Most registrars do not require you to enter in the IP addresses of your nameservers.However, when doing a dig for the authoritative server, they all come up blank.If you are certain you have added the addons to your c Panel account as per our article, then you simply need to contact our Live Support so they can give the DNS a push from the server side. Kindest Regards, Scott Mns.inmotionhosting.comns2.What am I missing?If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. I am trying to transfer my domain registration to inmotion. I have an EPP code, but it appears the process has stalled.I checked with the current host and the domain privacy has been disabled. Hello Ram, Thanks for pointing out the issue in the URL your provided.

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