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Astrolabe: Translate World Map Position(c, z, x, y, c, 0) self.target[1] = self.zone_nodes[i] self.target[3] = x * self.continent_scales_x[c] self.target[4] = y * self.continent_scales_y[c] for i, n in ipairs(self.target[1]) do local a, b = n.x-self.target[3], n.y-self.target[4] self.target[2][i] = math.sqrt(a*a b*b) end end function Quest Helper: Unset Target Location() -- Unsets the target set above.if self.target then self: Release Table(self.target[2]) self: Release Table(self.target) self.target = nil self.target_time = nil end end function Quest Helper: On Event(event) if event == "VARIABLES_LOADED" then QHFormat Set Locale(Quest Helper_Pref.locale or Get Locale()) if not Quest Helper_UID then Quest Helper_UID = self: Create UID() end Quest Helper_Save Date = time() Quest Helper_Build Zone Lookup() if Quest Helper_Locale ~= Get Locale() then self: Text Out(QHText("LOCALE_ERROR")) return end self.

This is the list of dailies that Wowhead has for Pandaria (309 of them):

Type /qh, /qhub, or /questhubber to access the options.

Features Note: If you used an older version of Quest Hubber, you may also have the addon Quest Gather in your Add Ons folder.

Also I noticed above it says to acess options you need to type /questhubber where are you supposed to type this in at.

I assumed it was in the game itself so I typed it their trying to see if their was any settings I could change to get it to work with Wow version 5.3 and nothing happens it acts like its not their at all.

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