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Wearable technology is still in its infancy but has already started to have widespread influence across many industries. Rafael Grossmann was the very first surgeon to use Google Glass or wearable technology in general while performing a surgery.

As wearable technology continues to improve to better meet the needs of its users, healthcare providers continue to hope that its use will impact both the experience of patients and practitioners to better receive and administer care. Grossmann believes that Google Glass and wearable technology of a similar nature will help improve the way healthcare providers interact with patients and a patient’s relatives, increasing the satisfaction of patients and making doctors and other providers more effective at doing their job because of the added level of communication between parties.

Its purpose is to control a brain’s activity with light.

This could have far reaching benefits with humans to help better understand the complex network of neurons that make up the brain.

Without a doubt the pace at which new technology is impacting our everyday lives is increasing at lightning speeds.

As of today, 29% of Americans say their phone is the first thing and last thing they look at everyday which is a telling sign of how connected we are becoming to technology.

The surgery performed using Google Glass could serve as an example of real-time education for medical students and other professionals alike.

Everything from new artificial hearts to electronic aspirin, the healthcare industry is slowly but surely becoming more agile, effective and cost-effective for patients looking for care.

Of the many disruptions reaching the masses this year, here are the some of the biggest innovations in healthcare technology with far reaching impacts: The potential to streamline, improve, and perhaps transform the current healthcare system is huge.

He argues that with the continued adoption of wearable tech like Google Glass, more lives will be saved since communication between medical professionals and patients will continue to improve to the next level.

There have been many widespread uses of 3D printers today from guns to models of the Empire State building, but the medical uses are extremely practical and overtime could really solve ongoing health issues once it’s figured out how to accurately apply them to people.

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