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If, however, Windows Phone was aimed at the power user, then things make even less sense.

It’s always a learning process and it’s been fun let me tell you.Every single review of a Lumia for example ends with the same foregone conclusion: “it’s a great phone but there are no apps”.I usually shake my head at this statement, but the recent talks about Nokia blaming Microsoft and the lack of apps have me worried.The option to keep Wi Fi on was added in WP8, but the user has to manually enable it [Note: I’m told this has changed recently on a few devices, the option is enabled by default, but the point remains that for a long time, it either was unavailable or hidden and deactivated by default].Notifications are horridly managed, with a simple toast that disappears into thin ether after a few seconds, unless you manually add a live tile on your homescreen.

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