Updating my thread box program on line dating research design

Consider this a friendly highlight of what he says above, before my moderator powers here come into play. Feel free to use your "power" to moderate me out of this forum. I don't think calling you out on ducking the real issue was so out of line.Basically, get to work or give up the post to someone who will.If so then you may need to remove it before you can install the vanilla version of Krypton from us.But that would be a question to put to the device maker and/or supplier (neither of whom is us).The fact you know it's Kodi and the two may appear the same is irrelevant.As to builds, if you are referring to 3rd party ones then we do not support them, indeed many are on the banned addons If it's got a different app ID you can't update it from the app store.

I have a spark with the common issues (video lag, transmission problem, range problem, black sceen, etc) and DJI support sent my a fix so I need to update using DJI assistant 2 which I installed on my mac but after that what should i do??!!I do not want to use this work around in the future. If you don't like the answer provided then maybe help out a little yourself or move on as your attitude will not be accepted for very long around here.From the rules (bolding mine): 2.1 General conduct @Old Leach - A factory reset won't change the Kodi software that's installed - if it's a tweaked version with a different app ID it will remain so and so the issue will be unaffected and will continue to be entirely as described.The pc, recognize the spark like an usb mass storage but, the programm assistant no. I had to revert to DJI GO 4 v4.1.5 to allow me to update.Then delete v4.1.5 and reinstall the latest version.

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