Updating my address book e mail

but I checked today & found that the TB Address Book is not being updated for additions\changes in Gmail Contacts. You have not created a problem, only a personalisation.

But be aware Thunderbird will have a personal address book and a collected address book.

Read this answer in context You can install this add-on.It is very important to be able to change passwords and keep up with them. I just decided enough was enough when I saw this book so I ordered it for him for Christmas.I will probably have to write all the names, addresses and phone numbers in it myself but it's worth it to get rid of this poor beat up one he's been using.great refills to get my phone book updated and organized after i retired.Now that the i Cloud works (almost) flawlessly on both my Mac Book Pro and i Phone I get annoyed by on my Mac which seems to update contacts in my address book on its own, without my request or approval.I can't seem to find any setting to switch this behaviour off.

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