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Major website update and repository overhaul, as well as release of packages for the 4.01.17 driver.

In particular, note that many packages (especially packages related to scanning) have been incorporated directly into the driver package, simplifying installation.

There is also limited support for the arm architecture. The arm drivers do not yet work with armhf/hard float.

The new drivers work quite differently, and I will be updating the support content on this site as time allows to reflect the changes.

Parallel port support has also been removed, and support for a few printers (beyond those already dropped in 4.01.17) was removed.

The latest printers released from Samsung are supported by this driver.

The drivers are binary-only (no source code provided), and are only available for the Intel/AMD 32- and 64-bit platforms with limited ARM support (Android, Raspberry Pi, etc. Instructions for setting up repository have been modified to reflect the new approach.

Thanks to the many users, both in the original Ubuntu Forums thread and the current forums, who have provided feedback and helped with testing over the years.Also made a few other changes to add some additional printer support and hopefully fix some miscellaneous problems a few people have reported. IMPORTANT: The distribution and section must be entered exactly as above.Do not substitute the name of your own distribution, translate the words, or use a default section - it won't work.Release of packages for the 1.00.35 (March) drivers.This drops support for ARM and provides a huge number of updates to ppd files, including to several printers that had not been well supported for the past several versions. Release of packages for the 1.00.27 (August) and 1.00.29 (November) drivers.

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