Updating lightroom

It’s that time again, Adobe has released some updates to Lightroom and Camera Raw.

Now, of course, it’s understandable that you approach these with a due sense of caution and dread, but the primary focus of these updates is to add support for new cameras and to issue fixes for customer related issues, and not to roll out a host of new features.

*Please look over this list before jumping over to update.

Note that this only occurs when using certain AMD graphics cards (such as 6450M and 6970M) on Mac OS 10.11 (El Capitan).

We are working with our partners to resolve this issue.

Both are quite good, IMO, DXO has the edge in RAW processing, lens correction. So I had lightroom 4; I upgraded to lightroom 6 today.

The adobe site sent me my serial number, but my account failed to display my downloads.

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