Updating iweb 1 1 2 templates to 2 0

i Web is a template-based WYSIWYG website creation tool developed by Apple Inc..

i Web allows users to create websites and blogs and customize them with their own text, photos and movies.

i Web features built-in support for publishing to Mobile Me, a suite of online applications developed by Apple, and to other third-party web hosts with FTP.

i Web allows users to create and design websites and blogs without coding, and includes a number of Apple-designed themes, each of which has several page templates with coordinated fonts and colors.

Users can customize these pages by replacing placeholder text and by dragging and dropping their own photos and movies into the document.

The home page can use one design and layout, while a web log page can use another, and so on. At version 3.2.1, the templates, pages, elements are mature. Rapidweaver is a very good web page, web site design tool.

Integration appears to be the key word in Apple’s i Life, and true to form, RW is well integrated with i Life applications. Updating a site uses ‘smart’ technology which only updates files that have changed. It’s all easy, it’s all point and click, or drag and drop. Use Garageband to create the Podcast (I’ve not found anything easier, faster, more elegant than GB for this), drop it into RW. RW has a page just for you, and creates the RSS link and update automatically.

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