Updating ical mobileme

Instead of waiting up to 15 minutes, it notes a change and triggers accordingly.This seems to be true no matter where the change is made.I keep our church’s i Mac signed into my Mobile Me account so I can transfer files back and forth from my MBA at home.However, I recently realized that all my i Cal calendars were copied onto the i Mac.I’m assuming you have Push enabled on your i Phone, and ‘Automatically’ enabled on the desktop.Any change made on the i Phone or Web will be pushed to all three devices.

Seems to me that’s just the software equivalent of cobbling together your own PC instead of simply buying one.Keep in mind this doesn’t change that i Phone and Web data via push, but sends only at regular intervals up to 15 minutes.Mail works differently than Contacts and Calendars.How quickly the change is propagated depends on your connection speed and the size of the file(s) changed, but generally speaking the sync starts quickly.To sum up, if set to update automatically i Disk syncs whenever changes are made to it.

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