Updating funky winkerbean

One day I might be drinking arctic glacier water; the next, slightly filtered river water from the mouth of the Amazon.

Eventually I'll probably catch some horrible intestinal disease, but in the meantime I'll be in coffee heaven.

Not so much the substance itself, although I have my issues with it, but with all the paraphernalia that comes along with the experience.

I seem to have gotten it into my frontal lobes that the more expensive and complicated my coffee experience, the better the coffee must be.

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In respect of the occasion, the major comic syndicates have rallied their cartoonists to dedicate their strips on that Sunday to pay homage to that dark day in American history. Read More Filed under Blog · Tagged with 10th Anniversary, 6Chix, 9/11, Anniversaries, Apartment_3-G, Arctic, Baby_Blues, Barney_Google, Beetle_Bailey, Between_Friends, Bleeker, Blondie, Brendan Burford, Buckles, Cartoon Art Museum, Cartoonists Remember911.com, Crankshaft, Curtis, Deflocked, Dennis_the_Menace, Dustin, Edge_City, Edison, Family_Circus, Fast_Track, Funky_Winkerbean, Hagar_The_Horrible, Heavens, Hi_and_Lois, King Features, Mallard_Fillmore, Mark_Trail, Marvin, Mary_Worth, MGoose, MOCCA, Mutts, Newseum, Ollie, Pajama, Pardon_My_Planet, Retail, Rhymes_with_Orange, Sally_Forth, September 11th, shermans_lagoon, Shoe, Society of Illustrators, Spiderman, Tinas_Groove, Todd, Toonseum, Zippy_the_Pinhead, Zits More than 90 Comics from Artists at Major Cartoon Syndicates Pay Homage to Dark Day in History The Renowned Newseum, as well as Several Major Cartoon Museums, Will Display the Strips in Special Exhibits in September NEW YORK, August 30, 2011 – Sunday, Sept.

I am a love slave to the premium coffee industry, paying for the privilege of waiting for my arabica lover to come and have its way with me.

Clearly I'm going to be buying whatever they sell me, so here's what I think my coffee ritual is going to look like a few years from now: Step One: Grinding Current coffee grinders treat all coffee beans the same, without acknowledging the specialness of each individual caffeine carrier.

I scoff at people who pay a hundred dollars for a speaker wire, or who are convinced that they need a ,000 dollar PC to send e-mail to grandma and read online, but show me a pound of coffee beans and I'm sore tempted.

In the past 10 years I've gone from drinking whatever my employers provided in the break room – with cream-mimicking, nondairy dust product, no less – to carefully grinding my beans with a burr grinder and brewing them in a French press for exactly four minutes.

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