Updating cell towers on iphone

Looks like as long as I have this phone, I will be toggling BT off to use Wi Fi.There is some complex radio science in using Cell/LTE, Wi-Fi, and BT at the same time.T-Mobile’s going to have to work fast to get everything in place for testing this summer, with commerical use by the end of the year a particularly ambitious goal.It’s also worth noting that T-Mobile is only talking about getting a few test sites up by the end of the year.But the thing that convinced me to like it is that my grandson, who is an Apple I-phone fanatic, loved it and was amazed by all the features.This kid is a techie and a genius with phones and computers and yet he said that the ZTE is comparable to his expensive I-phone which cost five times as much as the ZTE.Get a doorbell sound every 15 minutes that can't be explained. It has so many features and amazing things to explore.

Verizon is rock-solid here, so I assume that will work.More Even though this is my first smart phone and I am still learning big time, this phone kinda grows on you.It has so many features and amazing things to explore.In most areas where T-Mobile bought spectrum, the network will have to wait for TV stations to move off the spectrum to be able to use it.The video below shows T-Mobile’s roadmap for when and where it will be rolling out the new spectrum.

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