Updating cakephp

Select data from 4 tables using Active Record Class in Code Igniter cakephp 2.0 upload file using j Query Ajax with parameters - still can't get any answer Many apps server sharing memcached servers Symfony: Redirect to user profile after login with id How to update mysql mapping table which contains id mapping of two different table how to change url name while using resource route in laravel Cell width and print area is inconsistent between Office 2010 and below AND Office 365 How to insert multiple data in a single field in mysql using array or etc.I'm having trouble updating existing data in my join table. I have 2 models Sales Orders and Products that have a belongs To Many association through Line Items.Install Composer by downloading the installer and running it with PHP.The installer generates a PHAR file in the current directory that you can invoke with PHP to generate a Cake PHP project.Next you'll add a database to your environment and configure Cake PHP to connect to it.Launch an Amazon RDS database instance in your Elastic Beanstalk environment.On the command line, use the Use the AWS Management Console to create an Elastic Beanstalk environment running your application.Choose the PHP 5.6 platform configuration and upload your source bundle when prompted: To launch an environment (console) So far, so good.

Sales Orders Table: $this-input('products.0._join Data.qty'); The Sales Order entity looks like this when submitting the form to change the quantity from 5 to 2.For example, I want to change the quantity of a certain line item from 5 to 2.I open the edit page for the sales order I wish to modify, change the quantity on the desired line item, and submit the form.If you run into any issues installing Cake PHP, visit the installation topic in the official documentation: a source bundle containing the files created by Composer.You can use any program to create the ZIP file, as long as it includes hidden files.

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