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I wish AMD and Apple would update their official drivers more frequently, but at least we still have an option to update unofficially on our own.

If you purchased a Mac Book Pro Retina 15″ model this year after late May, you may have purchased the model with the AMD Radeon R9 M370X discrete graphics processor.

Two days ago, my windows 10 crashed, the display turned bright white and the fan went berserk. So I downloaded and installed the latest AMD boot camp software graphics drivers from (Then I tried to open the Catalyst Control Center, but I got the error message said "AMD Catalyst Control Center cannot be started.

There are currently no settings that can be configured using AMD catalyst Control Center." Then, I tried to reinstall the original AMD drivers from bootcamp, but the same problem persist.

To unravel things now, you must first remove the current driver, then use a utility similar to Ccleaner and flush out any detritus remaining, THEN you can install current video drivers.

I'm used to only updating the drivers via new bootcamp drivers from

Dragon Age Inquisition installation process says I need a new graphics card driver : Game Players using X86 systems and Windows to play modern games must choose CLEAN type driver updates to avoid leaving behind items likely to cause conflicts, as has happened to you.

I recommend you use this supported driver at this time.

However, the steps described below should still work if you want to make sure you have the latest and greatest unsupported driver from AMD for your Radeon R9-based Mac.

If you have a mid-2013 Mac Book Air, a late-2013 Mac Book Pro, or a late-2013 i Mac, then you should download version 5.1.5640 of the update, and owners of all other models should download version 5.1.5621.

The updates will likely need to be downloaded and installed manually, since they may not show up in Apple's Software Update service.

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