Updating boinc

If the home page does not show up then there may be some missing file or some bogus file permission.The inspection of "/var/log/apache/error.log" should bring sufficient insights to fix the issue.The image shows a URL with a ":8080", which indicates the browser to ask for the page at a different port than the default ":80".For doing so, add a virtual host configuration in above of your project.There is nothing to prepare if you do not go for a real project. We maintain the boinc-server-maker package in the "experimental" section of Debian.The reason for that is that we do not want our users to use code that is likely to be two years old and invite the public to that server. I woke up this morning to find that my CPU on my computer is no longer being fully used by BOINC.

The password asked is the password for the root user to access the database, which is not unlikely to differ from the root password to your UNIX system.The Apache Documentation explains vividly how to do so. Once PHP is properly configured, all dynamic web pages, including for accessing the database and message boards will run.You can also get your own account, just the pages all look ugly and unpersonal, still.If running into issues of various sorts, you may be suggested to repeat and overwrite ("clobber") the previous install.Caveat: when adding "--delete_prev_inst --drop_db_first", make sure to add them somewhere in the middle, not just comfortably at the end.

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