Updating blackjack to windows mobile 6

Locking down smartphones and PDAs is one of those darker places of security, and it's gone unexplored for too long.

Google Maps My Location now works with Cingular/AT&T first generation Blackjack models thanks to the Jan 23, 2008 release of Windows Mobile 6.But this is the case for many people – people that are used to only having to secure Windows workstations and servers.Mobile systems are a glaring weakness within enterprise security and not enough people are concerned about or have the right resources to address this. That's how it would work, if the Samsung installer would just upgrade the phone instead of checking the previously installed version and the country the device was preset for. The Black Berry will retains all data and setting through the upgrade. I cannot get the phone to flash with i600as i can only change to these countries South Africa Tunisia Nigeria Default my version is i600jcge1 Please can you send me a step by step detailed instructions and links for all the files I need. Finished Guess the complexity depends on the device manufacturer ... Cheers Julian South Afican Version of i600 Hi, I'm in need of assistance.

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