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Preview pane will not display the preview for PDF files because the necessary technology (preview handler) doesn’t work with App-V. This is a limitation of the App-V platform, since an App-V package cannot launch processes in the low-rights sandbox that is used by the PDF preview handler. Patching with Enable VFSPassthrough key doesn’t work.If patching is done while the Enable VFSPassthrough key is enabled, files residing on the VFS will not get updated (presenting an Abort/Retry/Ignore box).

Workaround: Manually edit the package and delete the shortcuts from the OSDs after any edits have been made.

App-V and Microsoft User State Virtualization (USV) provide access to applications and data, regardless of location and connection to the internet. The App-V client does not support offline access to applications.

App-V integration support includes using SMB shares for applications. If you're not familiar with App-V, see the Microsoft documentation.

This is the options step having to do with FILEEXTENSION in Sequencing Adobe Reader XI.

Preview view doesn’t work with PDF files; displays error.

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