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So we must endeavor to keep our youth active in the right activitgies and in as much group settings as possible.

Parents, you will be called upon to act as chaperones, an be postive influcences upon our youth.

God, in His infinite wisdom, did not give me a daughter.

I have no problem with a minimum guideline that establishes the church standard.

These rules are not written to undermine your authority, but to strengthen that authority. We all must realize that even the best and strongest of our youth, when put in bad situations, can find themselves falling into temptation.

These are minimum requirements and you may wish to go beyond them, but that will be your decision. Temptation allowerd to occur over and over again can produce sin.

I am only critical when they seek to supersede the rules of the parents.

For instance, can the church create a dating curfew of 9 pm if the parents decide to let their son or daughter out past 11 on a Friday or Saturday?

However, I do know that many preachers have a list of churches/pastors whom they would recomend their young people taking a mate from.You might trust them not to take advantage of your child physically, but what about spiritually? It's something to think about---your child ending up lost because you let them date a good moral person. No youth will be permitted to date anyone outside of the faith. I think that it is a very good item considering that there is only one page. I have seen only a very few relationships between saved and unsaved produce anything more than the most absolute misery.On occasion that relationship will win the unsaved spouse, but most often the saved spouse backslides and may take years to get right with God.Often this situation comes from preachers who have known/known of one another for many years.Believe it or not as critical as I am of churches creating rules for most saints conduct I can see a purpose in dating guild lines.

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